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School Intercom Services – d.b.a. Poley E. Barcenez
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School Intercom Sound Services can provide professional installation and/or project management of your technology project of any size by making available to you our customer the latest products available in the market today.

                                           Adapter Boxes

Have a system with more than 8 speakers?
Use this and save the cost of buying a second amplifier.

Multi Speaker Adapter Box  Technical Sheet Download .PDF

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·         SAB-1 Speaker Adaptor Box.MPG

A normal PA system can only handle a certain number of speakers before needing an additional amplifier. Well with this box you can cut out the second amplifier, still get great sound with full coverage, and not have to worry about blowing up your amplifier by hooking up too many speakers. Effectively it will fool your amplifier into seeing 1 speaker when up to 4 are really hooked up.
At just $30.00 each you could end up saving hundreds!

Audio Interface Adapter Box

Having a talent show where you want to play music without messing up your stage speakers? Use this and plug your ipod/CD player/laptop into a mic jack.

Simply put, this adapter will take any existing headphone plug and turn it into a microphone plug. This is an incredibly useful box because you don't have to have access to an amplifier to make your ipod/laptop/CD player run though your existing sound system. Plug one end into your headphone jack, plug the other into an open mic jack and use the volume knob to adjust. Easy as pie!




Continuity Checker Adapter Box

Having a sound check and something isn't working? Check to see if its the cable and get up and running in 30 seconds.

The audio technicians "Best Friend" for troubleshooting wires, cabling & connectors. If you're ever having a sound check and notice something isn't working, you normally have to hunt down the problem and waste valuable time. While we can't instantly fix it for you, we can make checking the cable easier. Just plug both ends into the box and it will test if it is a bad cable.

This box will take a 5 to 10 minute hassle and turn it into 30 seconds.


In-line Mic Phantom Power

Just bought new mics, and you just realized they need "Phantom Power" Amp doesn't have "Phantom Power" No problem with this adapter.

Phantom power mics can quickly become the bane of your existence if you've just paid for and installed fancy state of the art hanging mics and you realize your amplified doesn't supply phantom power. Well we could help you save hundreds of dollars and priceless hours with our adapter. Just attach it along the mic line and it will do the rest.
Requires 1 Per Mic!


Audio Interface Instrument Adapter

Need a bass, guitar, keyboard, or any amplified instrument plugged into a stage? Use this to turn the 1/4" plug into a mic jack. 


This is almost identical to our Audio Adapter Box with one exception. This version is designed to work with amplified instruments. A guitar, a bass, a keyboard... anything that you could plug into an amp with the 1/4" plug you could plug into here, and instantly convert into a mic jack. No need to convert to expensive combo jacks, find a new way to make use of a mic jack!




In-line Mic Volume Control

Suddenly notice one mic is too loud/soft? Can't get to the amplifier? Use this to put a volume control at the mic jack.

Ever had a talent show, or a pep rally, or some sort of function and you suddely notice someone is a bit louder/softer than they were during the soud check?

Worried about having to get to the mixing board or amplifier to adjust, well with this adapter you can adjust directly at the mic jack... well away from the public eye. It is also useful for PA systems where the amp may be locked away.

Adjust volume without worrying about touching the wrong setting.





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School Intercom Services – d.b.a. Poley E. Barcenez
Telephone: 210-647-8812 - Mobile: 210-273-0993 - Fax: 210-647-8838 - 8122 Hill Trails St. San Antonio, TX 78250


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