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School Intercom Services – d.b.a. Poley E. Barcenez
Telephone: 210-647-8812 - Mobile: 210-273-0993 - Fax: 210-647-8838 - 8122 Hill Trails St. San Antonio, TX 78250
School Intercom Sound Services can provide professional installation and/or project management of your technology project of any size by making available to you our customer the latest products available in the market today.

                                                                                       "Go-Green" Fire Exit Signs


We are proud to present a tested and trusted technology used in a brand new application. With the new green movement around the US, it has become increasingly important to conserve energy, produce less waste. 

As such we have created an EXIT sign, a sign every business is required to have at least one of and a sign most businesses take for granted. Most places probably don't even know if all of their exit signs are in proper working order; a fact that could lead to a shut down if a fire marshall were to show up for an inspection.

Our signs therefore make complete sense in the fact that not only do they work for 20+ years guaranteed, but they are THE MOST energy efficient available, and provide the best visibility through smoke filled environments.

Normal bulb signs operate for about 3,000 hours which means they should be replaced about 6 times a year. Add in about $100 a year for maintenance, and roughly $35.00 on electric charges and you're looking at almost $150.00 yearly operating costs.

We can safely say our EXIT signs cost only $0.24 a year to operate!
That's right less than a quarter to operate and maintain

Our signs are UL924 listed, Energy Star listed, they meet or exceed NFPA 101, NEC, and OSHA requirements.


Not only are they extremely energy effecient (using less than $0.18 of electricity a year) but they offer unsurpassed uniformity of illumination. No more having to worry about replacing 1 of the 2 bulbs in standard EXIT signs. Plus, according to a study done at UT Austin our signs offer the best visibility through smoke. That's really where these shine. A life is worth far more than any sum of money, and it has been proven that ours are the most visibile and could would provide the best chance of survival if they were ever put to use.

While more difficult to illustrate over the internet, our signs are rugged. Slim and Durable we pride ourselves when we take a sign to a school, and let them beat on it with a mallet. Our 1 demo unit has survived beatings from many businesses, including:

AMD - Austin Campus
Hines Corporation
Cedrs-Sinai MEdical Center
LAX World Airport
SFO Int'l Airport
Cushman & Wakefield
LA Convention Center
California State Polytechnic University
San Jose State University
Palm Springs Unified School District
Anoka Hennepin School District

Still, we expect that demo unit to run 5 to 10 times longer than LED with absolutely no luminance degredation! They are available in black and white both only 5/8" thick, and can be mounted with an optional 2 head emergency lights. 120/277 VA rated and voltage surge protected they will mount in just minutes and include a 10 YEAR warranty. They run off of standard Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride battery packs and provide an estimated service life of 10 years.


There really isn't much more to say about our EXIT signs, aside from the fact that when you buy one. It is an investment you will be sure to appreciate when budget time comes back around and there are hundreds, maybe even thousands more to spend because you saved on upgrading to our LEC technology!

School Intercom Services – d.b.a. Poley E. Barcenez
Telephone: 210-647-8812 - Mobile: 210-273-0993 - Fax: 210-647-8838 - 8122 Hill Trails St. San Antonio, TX 78250


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