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School Intercom Services – d.b.a. Poley E. Barcenez
Telephone: 210-647-8812 - Mobile: 210-273-0993 - Fax: 210-647-8838 - 8122 Hill Trails St. San Antonio, TX 78250








We Now repair the Dukane and array of Intercom Systems.

Please choose your system below for additional Information:

Bogen Intercom System
Dukane Intercom System
Rauland Intercom System

We can repair the entire intercom unit, including the switch-banks.
Call for pricing, depends on symptoms. We carry intercom units and parts.


Systems Ready To Install

 Pre-Wired Switch-bank Video



School Intercom Sound Services can provide professional installation and/or project management of your technology project of any size.  We have experienced certified installation technicians and project managers on staff allowing us the capabilities to install “Turn Key” technology solutions or act strictly as your representative in interfacing with your team and /or sub-contractors to insure the installation meets standards, intent of design, and client requirements. Whichever capacity you choose you can trust that School Intercom Sound Services will look out for the best interest of your organization.  
School Intercom Sound Services welcomes single or multi-site opportunities of any size either local or nationwide.   School Intercom Sound Services has in-house & strategic installation partners all throughout the United States.  Our strategic partners have been verified to be experienced, professional, insured and capable of performing to the high standards that School Intercom Sound Services Demands.  Through proper project management, School Intercom Sound Services assures your
multi-site projects nationwide are done in a Structured and
Uniform manner.

School Intercom Sound Services seasoned designers address the key integration areas surrounding modern technologies. We offer a single point of responsibility Technical Systems Design, Infrastructure Planning, Data Center Planning and Master Technology Planning. Our unmatched industry knowledge and experience provides us the capacity to accomplish even the most challenging technology objectives.

Our designs are based on standards and are not manufacturer specific unless requested by the client or dictated by the necessity to integrate with existing technology.



In addition to providing you with quality equipment our goal is to also assist you in eventually not needing us to do your work. Free information for your technicians is available via our Symptoms & Solutions tab.We strive to provide a clutter free, hassle free, and as user friendly a system as we can.
With us it doesn't just stop at equipment. A new service we have recently begun to carry are something we like to call PMI's.

$120.00 for the basic 15' prewired switch bank harness to fan out.

Preventive Maintenance Inspections
First we ensure that your system is not only in good working order, but efficient. Wiring that won't clutter up a workspace.

As the end of the year rolls around we assist you in properly preparing your intercom for a summer of storage. We will clean and test out each switch on each switch-bank, clean out all the dust that has been built up over the school year, and safely disconnect and cover your intercom in plastic so no further dust or contaminants can get in.

But our service isn't limited to just the maintenance of your intercom. We will also sit and discuss the coming year, whether portables will be added/removed, decide if speakers need to be added/ removed, determine if classrooms will me moved around and re-label switch-banks.

Remember if you can't find it anywhere, you can always call us at 210-647-8812


If you have an intercom that hasn't been at 100% we can fix it for you. We fix any switch-bank intercom you can throw at us. For example, our technicians repair Bogen intercoms down to the component level and can usually do it in 2 business days.

For $380.00 + shipping
(Repair varies by intercom manufacturer).

Try that with the manufacturer and you're looking at several weeks .
For our reasonable repair fee you will not only get your intercom fixed and returned within a week, but you will also receive a guaranteed 90 day warranty on the work we do!

Dukane, Rauland, Telecor, Bogen.... it makes no difference to us. Out of warranty repair is our specialty!


School Intercom Services – d.b.a. Poley E. Barcenez
Telephone: 210-647-8812 - Mobile: 210-273-0993 - Fax: 210-647-8838 - 8122 Hill Trails St. San Antonio, TX 78250

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