Troubleshooting Your Intercom?

Help! My Intercom isn't working properly.

It's a brand new school year and you need to get things going, or you just got back from a long break and something is not right.  The Speakers are not loud enough, or they are humming. The announcement microphone is not working. Bell is not ringing. Sound is only on in one room.  The intercom is humming or only working for a short amount of time.

Take a look at our Free PDF Troubleshooting Guide for common issues and solutions.

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School Intercom Services is experienced in diagnosing intercom systems to get  you up and running. For over 30 years our founder Poley E. Barcenez has repaired, installed and maintained intercom systems for all major manufacturers. From IP digital systems to older models like Dukane, Bogen and Telecor.  We can help get you going again fast. Located in San Antonio, Texas, we have serviced intercoms, audio and communications systems nation wide.

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