A typical school intercom provides

Call-In And 2-Way Communication From Any Speaker/Call Switch Located In Any Classroom, To The Master Intercom Control Unit Located In The Main Office. 

Campus Wide Broadcast Of Live Announcements And Pre-Recorded Audio     From The Master Intercom Control Unit To All (Or Selected) Speakers (Rooms). 

Campus Wide Broadcast Of Emergency Alerts, Mass Notifications Or Bell    Tones From The Master Intercom Control Unit To All (Or Selected) Speakers (Rooms). 

Child, Daycare, Kinder Care, Nursery, School, Childcare, Facility, Center, Development

Small Scale Communications

Intercoms designed to be used for up to 32 stations in increments of 4

Upgrade-able for to 16 small footprint desktop controllers

1 touch answer for easy communication w/ adjustable volume controls

Can be interfaced with our bell software!


Switch Bank Intercoms

Bogen - Dukane - Rauland -Telecor - Teradon - Deltacom 

Systems built systems in increments of 25-stations

Maintenance and Technician friendly

Can be interfaced with our bell software!


Administrative Intercoms

Bogen - Dukane - Rauland - Telecor - Teradon - Valcom - Toa - Simplex 

Administrative Intercom Preventative Maintenance, Bench Repair, Technical Assistance and Service Calls. 

Specializing in systems no longer supported by manufacturer

Area of coverage within 200 miles of San Antonio, TX

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Modular Based IP Intercoms

Modular Design allows for unlimited stations

Add stations on demand 1, 100, 23, 1907, any amount at a time

Every desktop controller capable of communication NETWORK wide

Can be interfaced to EXISTING administrative intercom

Intercoms of various manufacturers can be interfaced w/ our controller


Upgrade Your Intercom

 Whether you are looking to add intercom connectivity to a few new classrooms or 

to improve what your old intercom can do. We've got you covered. SIS has upgraded, 

installed and serviced systems all across the nation. With over 30 years of Intercom and 

sound service experience,  we are ready to help you get the most out of your current system.