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Bogen Intercom Repair

Most people think that switch bank intercoms are old and should be replaced with newer systems as soon as possible. But the fact is, your "old" switch bank intercom is VERY versatile with a LONG lifespan and it suits all of your NEEDS. Think of it like this. You have a car that you use to buy groceries once a week at a store that's 2 miles away. One day your car breaks down and instead of repairing it, you buy a new Ferrari. After a few months you realize you didn't need the car but now you're stuck with the lease... what's the only solution?  Go to the store 50 miles away to you get good use out of the car.  Only then you realize you can only fit 2 bags in the trunk.

Switch bank intercoms are the car you use to get to the store once a week. They serve your every need and even have some features you may not even know about.

Did you know that even the intercom pictured above has the ability to broadcast music throughout your entire school? Whether it be radio/cd/mp3 it can do it! You could even play pre-recorded or make remote announcements with the right modifications. With our ability to repair systems down to the component level we can keep you running for a very long time. We know that having an intercom is an absolute necessity for a school, so minimizing downtime is one of the most important things when looking at repairs. 


School Intercom Services has a 7-10 day turnaround from receipt of your intercom unit. 

Emergency service is also available!


Depending on the situation we can ship you a refurbished unit and we may even take your existing unit as a trade. With just a picture of your existing intercom unit we can tell you whether we will accept your unit as a trade. 

Don't make the mistake of buying a Ferrari when all you need is a tune-up. Give us a call and let School Intercom Services show you how to make the money work for you. 

Curious about those modifications?

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